About Gay Chapel of Las Vegas

Gay Chapel of Las Vegas is honored to perform meaningful and memorable ceremonies for any two persons who wish to bind their lives together in love. As the only gay-owned-and-operated chapel in Las Vegas, we have a 16-year history of supporting LGBT couples who wish to marry, extending a warm welcome to all who wish to proclaim their feelings for one another in a formal ceremony.

In 2013, Nevada’s Senate Joint Resolution 13 passed, potentially legalizing gay marriage in the State of Nevada. We anticipate that legal marriage in Nevada will soon be a done deal. From Day One at Gay Chapel of Las Vegas, though, we have proudly offered traditional, Elvis and themed wedding packages as commitment ceremonies—awaiting the availability of a fully legal option. We’ve always been there for any two people who wish to express their intention to share the rest of their lives together. It’s all about mutual respect. And love.

At Gay Chapel, we’re all about choices, too. All of our Traditional, Elvis and Themed Wedding Packages are available as commitment ceremonies or as legal weddings, since the day is imminent for us in Nevada to extend the right to all persons in love. From traditional-style wedding/commitment ceremonies to elaborate Elvis or themed productions, Gay Chapel of Las Vegas promises to make your ceremony an event to remember. Our friendly, respectful and courteous staff works hard to ensure that every detail is perfect. We’re always delighted to honor your special requests, and we’ll happily customize any wedding package so that it is just right for the two of you.

We offer the most choices for outrageously fun or classically traditional unions, weddings, and commitment ceremonies on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. While our themed and Elvis weddings can on the wild and crazy side, we also specialize in providing the most romantic weddings and commitment ceremonies available. Whether you choose our cathedral-style Main Chapel or our Garden or Gazebo Chapels (with twinkling white lights under the stars), one will surely be the perfect backdrop for your heartfelt vows. We look forward to sharing your day with you!